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" Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait " Robert G Allen


QB Property was created for one purpose, advise like-minded investors on the intricate workings of the residential property market. For years, property has been one of the most popular commodities for investment, but with so many investors flooding the market, it can be difficult to know whom to trust.

Our company specialises in acquisition, adding value & disposal of residential properties across the United Kingdom. Our existing clients benefit from our extensive breadth of experience, local knowledge & proven track record of successful deals.

I first stepped on the property ladder at the age of 22 & by purchasing my first investment property at the age of 24. This journey has enabled me to impact my knowledge to both new and experienced investors, preventing them from making the same mistakes I did at the beginning. My personal goal is to not only see my clients achieve their financial freedom but teaching them how to maximise their earning potential through the property market.

Quentin Bazin | Managing Director

Property Sourcing

Our “hands free” investment sourcing system has been specifically developed to save you time and stress by handpicking the properties that fit your personal investment criteria.

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