Property investing is highly regulated to protect & insure each party. 

As a Property Sourcer we act as an 'estate agent' saving you the trouble of getting caught up in regulatory compliance processes. We comply with all relevant regulations to protect you as the investor.  


Investing in property can be one of the safest ways to invest money, but it does not mean it is risk-free. That is why working with a company that understands the property market offers you protection and increases your chances of making a safe investment. 

We believe that property investing should be straightforward and therefore our aim is to make the process as simple and as safe as possible for our investors. We do this by building bespoke systems that seek to protect you and make your investment journey easier. 

How do we protect our customers ?

Data Protection

Data Protection is important to us.
This document explain how we protect your data and ensure every information you give us is protect & conform to the law

Anti Money Laundering

For our & our customer security we have to proceed a AML Check. This will only take few second after receiving all of the document required